Our house is already set in time for Christmas

Just today, my husband and I, unpack the Christmas decors from the storage room. I am thinking that it is about time to put up these beautiful pieces of inspiration to bring the spirit of the season to our very home.

My husband assembled the tree and my elder son extends his help in laying all the Christmas ornaments on the table while I carefully plan where to place them around the house including the walls, doors, and rooms. Little Anyah simply observing us from her crib keep babbling with words which appears to me that she likes to join us. Soon enough when she is bigger that this kind activity is one thing that she will look forward too. I want my kids to be part of this “setting up Christmas in our home” activity and will become part of our family tradition as well.

For this year, I want the decorations to be in a different arrangement putting my own taste and touch of styles.

The stockings are normally hanged on doors.

christmas stockings on doors

Those little red stars with red metallic chain of beads are fastened on the main and bedroom doors.

little red stars with red beads accentuate the door as well

The countdown cloth calendar is draped on the wall.

a cloth calendar

The pretty Christmas wine bottles stand above the kitchen cupboard.

Christmas Wine Bottles

And the highlight of them all, the Christmas tree, raises beautifully at the corner of our living room brimming with colorful tiny lights, glittering shredded sheets, and shiny Christmas balls.

The Christmas Tree

Our whole house is ready in time for Christmas celebration that is exactly sixty-eight days from today. And by the way, just a mere coincidence, because also today is my mom’s birthday celebration in Philippines. Happy birthday mama! I wish you endless happiness for the whole year through. I love you dearly.

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