Our paper presentation to the Symposium

Our paper presentation to the Symposium


Yes! We’ve been lucky to be chosen as one of the paper presenters to the Symposium on “THE BEST PRACTICES IN TEACHING AND LEARNING”.

Our paper is a product of combined effort and commitment between me and my good pal, Jhonna, my fellow colleague in school. Both of us have common interest on teaching and motivating our students to learn and help them become the best that they can be. We do this by integrating methods and styles to develop young minds and support their desire for learning and intellectual power.

For this year, we both dreamed to, at least, conduct research on our field and submit our study to conferences and symposia around Oman. Since Jhonna and I are inclined into information technology, we immediately had the interest on the use of evolving technology in education. We focus on E-learning because it is one of the evolving technologies used in higher education.

In Al Musanna College of Technology, the use of E-learning started in 2009. Since the technology is a promising instruction medium then it is a ripe area to conduct an investigation on its impact and effectiveness on learning skills and teaching methodology.

So for the last two months we gather all of our resources, share our time, as we are so determined to come up with our FIRST RESEARCH STUDY which we titled “THE IMPACT AND EFFECTIVENESS OF E-LEARNING ON TEACHING AND LEARNING”.

I’m providing the paper abstract as well as the event program posted in the Symposium website.

The Impact and Effectiveness of E-Learning on Teaching and Learning
This paper provides an indication of the effectiveness and impact of E-Learning on teaching and learning of undergraduate courses on Information Technology and English Language and Communication at Al Musanna College of Technology. Teachers (n = 70) and students (n = 162) experiences were evaluated by utilizing mixed methodology through online surveys. The study revealed that teachers and students have fluctuating levels of agreement in relation to five criteria of effectiveness. Teachers scored remarkably higher in relation to Content Quality, Collaboration, and System Quality while students rated Assessment, Collaboration, System Quality, and Technical Support at a satisfactory level. E-learning had a positive impact on teaching and learning styles; thus, teachers and students considered E-Learning to be an effective tool to enhance the knowledge acquisition skills.

Event program


For my buddy Jhonna and me, a big congratulations to both of us!
Our work is not just a mere result of our so-called Girl Power but also the fruit of our lasting friendship and this is something that we can be both proud of and treasure forever.

Good luck to us!

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