Our short stay at Hotel Tavern in Surigao City

Our short stay at Hotel Tavern in Surigao City



my daughter at the main entrance of the hotel


Hotel Tavern is one of the famous and premier hotels in Surigao City. This hotel exists for many years and recently had it renovation and expansion.



waiting for our room at the hotel lobby


The hotel is located near the port and is very accessible for anyone who lives in the islands of Dinagat and Siargao. There’s a bay walk that provides  a pleasant view of the boats and sunset. People used to stay here the whole afternoon sightseeing or went to restaurants and bars nearby.



Anyah is well resting on this beautiful rattan-made couch


In the evening, the whole area is frequented by youngsters who love to enjoy partying or roaming around the place using their motorbikes or cars.There’s a nearby pizza place with a delicious yet cheap pizza and a famous BBQ place. The hotel is also near Surigao Museum.



The sea view in the morning


The sea view in the evening


My very good friend Jackie who works in this hotel as a manager gave us a hotel voucher as her gift for my kids birthday. I am glad we were booked on a room facing the seaside where we get a good vantage point of the boats, island, and bypassers day and night. This room is more expensive that any other rooms.



at the hotel veranda





with my hubby


The buffet breakfast is amazing. Delicious food and tons of options. We only stay for one night and the next morning we are preparing our things for a flight to Manila at 12:00 Noon.



The view of the hotel from the boulevard


behind are the local boat tranporting people to the islands.


I am so thankful to Jackie for giving us the chance to stay in this beautiful hotel. I was a wonderful experience even for a very short stay.


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