Parting shots and bid our “goodbyes”

Parting shots and bid our “goodbyes”
At Moleta's Home in Ibri

At Moleta’s Home in Ibri

May 11, 2012 – This is the last day of our weekend trip. But before going back to Muladdah, we altogether share a wonderful breakfast heartily prepared by Romeil.

We chat over delicious meals of fried dried squid, bacon strips, and toasted bread along with hot tea and coffee. Sharing of talks and stories of individual experiences of yesterday’s activity resulted to happy and teasing moments. After a while, we pack up our things and getting ready to go home.

At Moleta's Home in Ibri

At Moleta’s Home in Ibri

As a normal tradition of the modern times, we took pictures of ourselves capturing the special times of our unforgettable visit to Moleta family in their lovely home before bidding our “goodbyes”. We are honestly thankful for the effort and great times with Romeil and Rubie along with their three beautiful children – Berna, Josh, and Carl.

So long for the next adventure!

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  1. Riah

    Hi mei nice to catch you here in the blogging world. i visited your site and immediately got hooked with your photos and brilliant stories. love them all! im now one of your followers.. Yes you're right we should nourish the love for writing and sharing stories! Ciao!

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