Party Ideas: Water Pokemon Banner and Invitation for my son’s 10th Birthday

Water Pokemon Characters

Water Pokemon Characters

Whenever my children celebrate their birthdays, I never fail to make a personalized-custom-designed banner for the party and invitation for the guests. As my son turned 10 years old last June 23rd, he chose the Water Pokemon as his birthday theme.

Again, the creative side of me was ignited and using Adobe Photoshop I was able to make the banner using the graphic images I found online.

The underwater scene as the background.

Underwater Scene

Underwater Scene

The water pokemon starters.

The Water Pokemon

The Water Pokemon

All of the water pokemon characters.


The Pokemon Logo.


Of course, with the recent picture of my son.

AndreiPictureAnd the result was this:

Andrei's 10th Birthday Banner and Invitation

Andrei’s 10th Birthday Banner and Invitation

I didn’t print the invitation. I simply send it to the group chat I formed in Facebook. That’s the beauty of the internet and social media. Everyone is easy to reach. It actually saves penny in our pocket and right then on I can get instant reply from our friends and guests.

Later, I will share the story of our son Andrei’s birthday party that we hosted last June 27th at our home in Al Khuwair, Muscat, Oman. I will also feature the cake and sweets creation I made for the celebration.

This is another “Party Ideas” shared to you by HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS.

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