Peach Ombre Dainty Cake for Zeny

Peach Ombre Dainty Cake for Zeny

A dainty ombre cake for Zeny’s Birthday

Zeny is an architect by profession. She is a talented lady and I can see it from her masterpieces. From calligraphy to knitting, I can tell that she loves arts and designs. On her birthday, Johnson, her husband secretly ordered a cake from me to surprise his wife.

Right then on, I know what she likes especially on how her cake should be decorated. Johnson left to me all my ideas and creativity. He trusted me with my instinct on what his wife wants.


For one, Zeny loves chocolate cake. She loves earth and pastel colors, so I choose the peach to blend with the color of nature.

The cake was being piped with swirl roses in a blending or ombre preach.


the cake details

I cut out heart shapes to put on the sticker glitters that spell her name. I use the dowel made of bamboo sticks to hang those hearts that are tied up with a piece of rope.


When Johnson presented the cake to Zeny, she was astonished and so delighted to see the beautiful and dainty cake that suits to her style and taste.

Again, I am happy because another client is satisfied with my creation.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂


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