Premium Chocolatey-Loaded Cake for BenZ

A cake for Benz

A cake for Benz

I have a male customer who wants to surprise his wife after coming back to Oman with their small daughter. The mother and daughter regularly shuttles between India and Oman.

The husband is my colleague and regularly visits my FB fanpage and become tempted with the cakes that I have made. So, he decided to order a small chocolate cake for his lovely wife’s birthday.

premiumcakeBenz01 (1)

The cake is made of chocolate with ganache filling. I want it to be a premium kind of cake that it is coated with lots of choco frosting. The stick-o cream wafer surrounds the entire cake with maltesers on top and tiny sugar balls are sprinkled on the cake’s center. There’s also a message flag stick on a BBQ skewer.

premiumcakeBenz01 (3)

When he presented the cake to his wife, Benaizer is so surprised and happy along with their lovely daughter. And guess what! after tasting the cake, Benz decided to try baking too!!! Since she’s a stay-at-home-mom it will be a good and productive way for her to make most of her time at home while taking care of her daughter. So, she asked her husband to buy her an oven and baking utensils.. 😉

premiumcakeBenz01 (2)

I’m so glad to hear the news from Tariq. And I pretty proud of my cakes that simply inspires others to bake.

Thanks for reading this post! More “cakespiring stories” to come.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the Happy Baker

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