Pretty-in-Pink Spring Flower Cupcakes


Honestly, these little sweeties were created in a rush! But still, they look so pretty and lovely like the birthday girl Caille.

A day before Caille Cassandra’s birthday, her grandmother messaged me that we were invited on her granddaughter’s 9th birthday party at their own home in Al Mawaleh.

I couldn’t think of any gift, so I instantly replied that I could make cupcakes instead. Ate Beijing was so happy because Caille really loves cupcakes!


These cupcakes were made of moist vanilla. I added some bits of choco chips for some chocolaty taste.

The top was frosted with buttercream colored with pretty pink shades. Tiny flowers were placed on top to beautify these sweets.


Even if we don’t have any spring season in Oman, still I called these as “pretty-in-pink spring flowers” in hope that these bunch of yummy treats will bring a fresh feeling for a new season to come.


Happy Birthday Caille. I LOVE YOU! <3

Another “cakespiring story” warmly shared to you by Catriah Specials.


Lots of Love, 

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂

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