A Quick Visit at the Highest Peak in Oman – Jabal Shams

A Quick Visit at the Highest Peak in Oman – Jabal Shams

(November 21, 2015) – Past lunch time, we ascended to the highest peak in Oman, Jabal Shams, known as the Sun Mountain.

On the foothills of the mountain, we saw young omani boys selling their handmade products made of goat’s skin and hair. We brought the key holder as a souvenir.


buying handmade stuffs from these young businessmen


although they speak little English but these boys have very good marketing skills.


we asked one of the boys to take a photo of us.. behind is the range of mountain towards Jabal Shams

Dry river called Wadi

Dry river called Wadi

When we reached the viewing deck, we took a lot of photos. My parents and brother are acrophobic and can’t stand to see the stunning view of the mountain ridges or grand canyon below.


FamilyJabalShams15 FamilyJabalShams13 FamilyJabalShams12 FamilyJabalShams11 FamilyJabalShams10 FamilyJabalShams07

This is my second time to visit Jabal Shams, the first one was in 2011 when it was very cold while we spent one night camping. I was thinking that if only we have so much time, then we can set up a camping activity here for my parents and brother to experienced the coldness of the weather at night time and the beauty of clouds hovering the mountain deck in the early morning.

Then, we visited one of the mountain resorts, the Jabal Shams Hotel. We met one Filipino staff who was stationed at the convenience store. We allow the kids to play around the area.

FamilyJabalShams04 FamilyJabalShams05

After sometime, we descended back to Nizwa to have our dinner in a local restaurant where they serve the delicious mandi and biryani chicken and muttons.

FamilyJabalShams09 FamilyJabalShams08

It was almost 7PM when we left Nizwa, the whole day was exhausting but it was memorable. I am glad my parents visited this place which I thought would happen only in my dreams.




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