Recycling Egg Trays and Empty Plastic Bottles as Pastry Containers

I have plenty of empty egg trays in my kitchen after I use a lot of eggs for baking pastries and cakes. Apart from that we also consume more than 24 bottles of 1.5 liter mineral water every week since tap water in Oman is not ideal for drinking. These all add up to the garbage we dispose each day.

Well, I was thinking a better way to use up again or recycle these plastic trays and bottles as pastry containers.


Egg trays in my kitchen

Viola! An amazing idea is to use them for the coconut macaroons which I usually give to my love ones and friends as a present during special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

So friends, here is something frugal yet creative artwork that I want to share to you -> a Pastry Container made from an Empty Egg Tray and Empty Plastic Bottle.

I carefully wash all the egg trays and bottles with soap and warm water. Then and let them air dry. Have the surface wipe with a clean towel to remove the residue.

For the egg tray:

1. Gather colorful ribbons or vintage laces for decoration.

2. Place the coconut macaroons on each molded cushion.

The coco macaroons in the egg tray

The coco macaroons in the egg tray

3. Cover the tray with plastic cling / film wrap.


The cling film on top of the tray

4. Tie up ribbons to make a creative gift presentation.

A nice gift for your love ones

A nice gift for your love ones

5. You can stick special note before giving the homemade gift to your special someone.

For the empty water bottles:
1. Gather two empty bottles of the same size.


water bottles

2. For the first bottle, cut off the plastic from neck of the bottle, leaving about ¾ of the bottle space for the pastry.

3. For the second bottle, cut a portion from the bottom of the bottle, about 1/16 because it will be used to cap the container.


cutting of the bottles to become pastry containers

4. Carefully place the pastry or macaroons inside the first bottle.


placing the macaroons inside the empty bottle

5. Replace the second bottle as the top cap.


6. Tie up with colorful strings / laces as a creative decoration.


You see, it is a simple do-it-yourself plastic container that you can also use for other homemade pastries like chocolates, cookies, and candies. With a little creativity and imagination then this personal gift will surely warm the heart of your love ones.

Go green and let’s recycle to make the world a better place! 

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2 thoughts on “Recycling Egg Trays and Empty Plastic Bottles as Pastry Containers

  1. itjcs

    oh dear! thanks for this idea… now i’ll give this project to my aisha girl… she always say “art attack project!”. this is cute… 🙂 I’ll tell her to bake cookies then do something like this… by the way, why not baking lesson for toddlers… and do this project recycling.. this would be fun, i’m willing to pay, for sure, there should be professional charge for your time to teach tiny little bakers 🙂 heheheh. nice post!

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