Red Velvet & Choco Rectangular Cakes

The first cake of Soraya for her Birthday

The first cake of Soraya for her Birthday

Soraya is my very good friend in the College. She is a very thoughtful and generous woman. When she celebrated her birthday last November 2013, she ordered not only one but two different cakes to share to her friends in the college.

Her first cake was a choco moist cake covered with buttercream. There were dropped flowers on the sides of cake in lime yellow and fushia pink colors. I also added some outline of butterflies and rosette flowers for a garden-like-image of the cake. 

SorayaCake01The second cake was the simply elegant Red Velvet flavor that looked like this:

The second cake for Soraya.

The second cake for Soraya.

The rosette flowers in white buttercream accentuated the simplicity of the cake..while I also added some tiny white dots on the sides…

SorayaCake04Beautiful and delicious cakes…deserving for an avid client of mine.

again.. super belated. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORAYA.. May Allah continuously bless your wonderful heart.

Lots of LOVE,

Riah  – the Happy Baker 🙂

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