Revisiting my “Summer Bucket List”


Our 50 days summer vacation is already over! I have been in two months hiatus from my blogging hobby because I just want to dedicate my time for relaxation and leisure. Though I am happy enough knowing that people keep bumping to my blog because of the comments and messages I received in my personal email. (Hey! they found my posts very helpful and informative).Anyway, I should say that our holiday break was a wonderful and memorable experience though, costly and sometimes exhausting but what was more important, for me, was the chance being with my love ones specially my ageing parents. Oh gosh, there was nothing good enough than having a good time chatting and coping up the moments we missed with each other.

But before I delve into details about that sweet escape of us, I am glad that I am back to the blogging world again. And here I am ready to share with you and fill your imagination with the lovely and sweet stories of our adventure and journey in my home country, Philippines. For sure, as I unfold tales you will get to appreciate Philippines and my home town Surigao and perhaps you will be enticed to visit these beautiful places in the tropics.

As a head start, I want to go over with my Summer Bucket List, which I drafted couple of months ago. The list entails a number of activities I want to do and the beautiful destinations I want to visit. Everything in there is inspired by my goals and aspirations I have for this year.

So let me show them to you again. But this time I only give those that I have accomplished because given the short time, limited resources, and some uncontrollable circumstances, I only made about twenty-six from thirty-nine. Not that bad since its more than sixty-six percent achievement of mine.

Well, here they are:

  1. Offer an intimate prayer at the Holy Pilgrim’s Paradise of Mama Mary in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu.
  2. Swimming or watching with the Gentle Whalesharks in Oslob, Cebu.
  3. Surfing and Kayaking in Cloud 9, General Luna, Surigao del Norte.
  4. Swimming in Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoon, Punta Bilar, Surigao del Norte.
  5. Chat (regularly online) with my friends in Oman and Philippines.
  6. Visit with my relatives in Manila, Cebu, and Surigao.
  7. Invite my (HS close) barkadas for a special dinner at home.
  8. Hang out with my friends at a budget resto bar which play alternative music.
  9. A singing/ karaoke session with friends or families in a local KTV bar.
  10. Be invited to / attend (if possible) memorable events like fiestas, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, or perhaps burial (sigh..this is reality, right?).
  11. Buy Cebu’s finest dried mangoes and Otap (oval-shaped puff pastry).
  12. Dine in at famous restaurants in Surigao.
  13. Eat authentic local food such a kilawin, sinugba (grille), tinola (stew)…to name a few ( imagining these make me hungry..yumyumyum.).
  14. One-on-one baking session with my mom-in-law.
  15. Bake and let my love one taste my sweets and goodies.
  16. Clean and arrange our new bedroom in my parent’s house (which will be accommodation for the whole vacation).
  17. Organize and segregate our personal things in my parent’s house.
  18. Facilitate (our own) house construction / improvement.
  19. Girls-day-out with my mom and sister.
  20. Hold birthday parties of Andrei and Anyah.
  21. Special dinner with my family and in-laws.
  22. Treat my own family to a great adventure in Siargao.
  23. Hire someone to capture our family portrait for this year.
  24. Image makeover and personal pampering like massage, spa, haircut, and dental caring.
  25. Investment on mutual funds, time deposits, and other form of assets.
  26. Attend the regular holy mass in local churches.

So this will be my blogging map. And I can’t wait to write stories about each of the items in the list.

Stay tune for many more postings of my Philippine Escapade 2012!

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