Ryan is in Oman…and a little story about my brother

Ryan is in Oman…and a little story about my brother

my younger brother Ryan

My brother Ryan came to Oman three days after my parents’ arrival. He traveled from Hong Kong to join my parents on their vacation in the Middle East in November 2015. I am extremely happy because after three long years we are all reunited once again as a family.

We are three siblings in the family. I am the eldest, followed by Ryan Jay, and Ritchelle. Each of us are four years apart. We used to call him “RJ” that stands for his real name. He is very scared of heights and insects. He loves to eat noodles  and rice mixed with chocolate powder.

I remember in our childhood years, Ryan  and I are like cats and dogs. We used to fight with each other even for small things like toys, food, and friends. We can not stand a single moment without hitting, spanking, or shouting at each other. There’s one moment that I can not forget. It was sometime in December and  while my parents went to market, we were decorating our Christmas Tree made of mangrove tree and plastic cellophane. We started teasing and relating each other to an animal. He told me I am like a lizard and I replied back that he’s like a monkey. Suddenly, it came to a point that he got so angry and without hesitation took a heavy stone (that used to hold the mangrove tree) and hit me on my head. I bleed a lot and I was rushed by my grandfather to the hospital and got stitches on my head. After that incident, I contemplated and realized that if i’ll continue bullying with my brother, I am afraid it will eventually hurt us  even more. So I stopped and ignored him every time he teased me.  Then, he gradually matured and became responsible.


Ryan with our parents in Muscat City Center, Oman

When I was attending college in a different city, which was very far from my hometown, Ryan and I became really good siblings. Maybe because he missed me or perhaps he had grown up to be a loving and affectionate brother. Every time I came home for a vacation, we used to spend time with each other making dinner and chatting.  Our relationship as brother and sister became even stronger when I got married and have my own children. He is a very thoughtful uncle and loves my children very much. He regularly buy gifts and and send packages to my kids during special occasion like birthdays and special holidays.

Now at the age of 32, I can say he is an accomplished person. He is working as an Structural Engineer in a well-renowned Construction Firm in Hong Kong. He got line of businesses in our home city such as printing shop and engineering consultancy firm. He loves to ride on his bike while strolling around HK on weekends, cook pasta and noodles as his favorite food, and regularly visits my parents in the Philippines. He is still single but in a relationship for (if i am not mistaken) 15 years with his college sweetheart Jessa who is also a certified doctor. Right now, the attention of the entire family is on them because we are waiting when will they decide to tie a knot. I wish it will happen very very soon!

Well on top of that, I am glad my brother accepted my invitation to visit us here in Oman because within two weeks of his vacation, he was able to see and experience the beauty of the middle east.




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