Shaggy Mum Profusion Cake

Shaggy Mum Cake for Hannah

Shaggy Mum Cake for Hannah

I created this birthday cake for Hannah. The plush look of Shaggy Mums adds wonderful texture to this basic iced cake.



On a plate, I have ice 3 vanilla cookies and smooth with Kelly green buttercream icing. Then, I use Wilton tip #233 and white icing to pipe Shaggy Mums Flowers on vanilla cookies. You can also make extras to allow for breakage and let dry for 30 minutes.

Using a spatula, I coated the 20 x 10 cm (8 x 4 inches) round cake with Kelly green icing.

The shaggy mums are attached to cake top with icing with an offset spatula. I piped more icing using tip #233 on the cookies to hide its edges and attached it to the cake.


The shell bottom border was created by using Wilton tip #18 and white icing. I also use Wilton tip #3 and white icing to pipe larger dots on top sides of cake; add smaller dots, gradually tapering in size halfway down side.


So, there’s goes the stunning cake for the young-looking nurse, Hannah.


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