Shaggy Mum Surprise Cake

Shaggy Mums Surprise Cake

Shaggy Mums Surprise Cake

I made a birthday cake for my sister’s workmate named Lyn. She requested for something that’s very feminine and delicate. I wanted to pipe just few flowers on the cake but nothing traditional like a rose. Then, the Shaggy mum came to mine. It’s one of the first flowers I learned from my Wilton Method class last year.

The flower looks a lot like a cheerleader’s pompom that is why it is also known as a “Pompom Flower”. This flower is also ideal as cupcake topper. By the way, I used cookies as the base to pipe the yellow buttercream frosting. At first, I have a difficulty in piping out the right amount of frosting to keep the strands accurate to the size of the cookies. But with constant practice, I was able to estimate the proper pressure of squeezing the bag while at the same time pulling out the shaggy petals on top of the cookie.

To make the shaggy mums load the piping bag with Wilton tip # 233 (which is frequently used for fur, hair, and grass). Start by squeezing out a random blob onto one of the cookie doomed top. Then, pipe in a circular motion while pulling out shaggy petals on top of cookie and turning the cookie slightly after each petal. Pipe a second circle of pull-out shaggy petals starting inside of where you began the first row. Continue piping circles of pull-out shaggy petals filling in the center.

side view of the cake

side view of the cake

The cake was coated with a complementing colors of deep fuchsia pink and leaf green to create a two-layer drama. Such brilliant colors with shaggy mums made a striking and inviting dessert.

Once the shaggy mums were dried, then, they were transferred on the top of the cake. I used the angle spatula to lift the cookie and place it on the flat surface of the cake. You can also use the edges of the cookie to gently press it down to the cake. You may need to carefully pipe a few more squeezes around the edges so it doesn’t look quite so “placed” on cake’s top.

That’s it! Super easy and super cute!

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