Shopping at Footlocker and dinner at Nando’s

Shopping at Footlocker and dinner at Nando’s

the Happy Shoppers

While our family and close friends gathered at home when my parents came to Oman, we truly had a wonderful time together. Our bonding continued until the evening when we went to Oman Avenues Mall in Ghubra to buy some items that were on sale and ended our day with a family dinner at the Nando’s.

I knew one of the reasons why my parents brought only few clothes with them because they planned to buy brand new clothing in Oman. And I knew that it will be my expense, so I already spared some portion of my budget for their shopping spree.


Foot Locker package

We first visited Footlocker because the shop had 50% off on all items. Papa went crazy with the shirts, jogging pants, and shoes.


papa is busy checking his own sizes.

While Mama has her own choices of jackets and caps.


mama is happy to find her own jacket

On the other hand, my aunt Sonia and uncle Audie had their own choice of clothing too.


Auntie Sonia and Uncle Audie are busy shopping too.

Can you believe we were in the shop for nearly three hours because of so many customers lining up on the store counter to get their sizes. Whew!


Mama and papa with Andrei – my first born

After paying the bills, we feel hungry and a bit exhausted.


family selfie moment

We scouted a table in Nando’s restaurant and ordered Mexican dishes. I love their menu esp the Peri-Peri Chicken and  Java rice.

I am glad that we spent a wonderful time together. We all went home at around 12 midnight feeling tire but happy!


happy dining at Nando’s in Oman Avenues Mall





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