Small Identical Choco Cakes for my lovely mom-friends

the two identical moist choco cake

the two identical moist choco cake

I have these two wonderful mommy-friends who have been a blessing to me and my family for years. And it so happened, that they have both celebrated their birthdays just two days apart. So, in my simple way of expressing my gratefulness to their kindness and support that they have given to me and my family, I made them a small but delicious choco moist cakes.

Vicky stands like a second-mom to my daughter Anyah. She is the one babysitting our little girl when we go to work. Its been almost three years now that Vicky have unceasingly nurtured and cared our princess for more than 9 nine hours each day. We normally leave our girl at around 7 o’clock in the morning and pick her up at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Vicky does not only babysit but she also prepares meal for the little kids that are left behind by other parents under her care in their home.  She ensures that these kids must eat healthy and organic dishes because she is after of their good health and well-being. Other than that, she also teaches and tutors the kids with the basics like the ABCs, math, writing, speaking, and listening. She also instill to them the right manners and attitude of an ideal child because she wanted that these kids to grow up to be more smart and responsible. I truly appreciate her because she have done all of these wonderful “acts of love and kindness” with no extra charge. She is really a God-send to me to take care our daughter while we are away. And forever, I will be thankful of her.

A simple but special cake for Vicky.

A simple but special cake for Vicky.

Elena is my mentor and my buddy when I started working in Al Musanna College Technology since 2008. She was my refuge and comfort at that time when I was alone and my family was left behind in Philippines. Our friendship never changed even when my family arrived in 2009. In fact, my son Andrei, used to call her “family” because he a motherly-like love from Elena. But when I accepted a job in another college, I feel sad to leave her considering that I will also venture to another place with another set of colleagues. But, Elena never fails to keep in touch with me. Although we seldom see each other these past months, but we always communicated and dropping our “Hi and Hellos”. Elena loves my cakes. As my promised, I baked and made her favorite cake – the moist chocolate cake with ganache frosting. I know I made her happy on her special day.  She is always special and dear to me forever.

A special cake for Elena

A special cake for Elena

So these are the simple cakes but were made with feelings and emotions. They were for the people who are always dear and special to me.

Happy Birthday Vicky and Elena!

This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by happy baker delights.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂

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