Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

I started blogging by the time I have my second pregnancy. It was then that my blog became an outlet to share my thoughts, ideas, and practical INSPIRATIONS to the whole world and especially to Moms, like me, who need something to light up and cherish the life that they have.

For me, being a mother is the most wonderful opportunity that I have to make most of my purpose in life. Although I am not perfect but at least I have tried hard enough to provide the best for my family especially for my young children. Motherhood is like a movie with different scenes, actors, and twist of stories but you have to take the lead role and entertain the viewers with your style, moves, and charm. And at the end of the movie, you always leave an inspiration for your viewers to ponder upon.

And so is the same with my writings that reflect my main inspiration in life:

A.    Motherhood and Kids

My kids are my number 1 inspiration in life

Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that happened to me

B. Food and Cooking

Baking is another inspiration that drives my passion for food

My own piece of creation

 C.  Home and Lifestyle

Hey! who said being pregnant doesn’t look you any better.

D.   Travel and Photography

Traveling is a way for us to relax and enjoy the beauty of life

And i love to capture every single moment of it

With this blog, I hope I can reach and inspire ladies, especially moms around the world to see the good things in them and apply the small doses of motivations to keep themselves in full balance in the midst of their hectic and demanding lives.

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