“Stay Informed. Stay Ahead.” – The Microsoft Open Door 2014 in Oman

The MS Certified Omanis

The MS Certified Omanis

Today, my wife and I along with some of our work colleagues join The Microsoft Open Door 2014 at Al Bustan Palace in Muscat.

We are one of the participants

We are one of the participants

We are able to witness the remarkable speakers (IT professionals, decision-makers, developers) in the industry who share interesting topics on the latest news and updates on Microsoft’s new technologies, products, and solutions.

This kind of activity is, of course hosted by Microsoft, where prospect customers and partners come together to engage and interact with each other while learning about MS’s breadth of solutions, technologies and latest devices. This year’s Open Door session focuses on the four mega IT Trends: Mobility, Enterprises Social, Big Data, and Cloud.


The first session begins with the introduction of doing business in the Cloud that unlocks the potentials of businesses to engage with their customers, partners, and employees in a mobile, social, and data-enriched environment. The trend now is the “cloud computing or cloud server” that virtually allows business transactions to happen without the need of physical IT infrastructure and physical presence of employees in the workplace.


People can “work on the go”. One speaker talked about Office 365, a highly sophisticated web-based collaboration application that is powered by Cloud. It’s the most convenient way of “working and doing business” where people can simply get their applications and files like emails, calendars, documents, notepad, powerpoint, and other office files from virtually anywhere—PC, Mac, and select mobile devices—and they’re always up to date.


Microsoft also provided the Microsoft Azure where all of these applications can be quickly built, deployed, and managed across a global network of MS-managed datacenters.  Developers can build highly available applications using any language, tool or framework without focusing on the infrastructure. It provides automatic OS and service patching, built in network load balancing and resiliency to hardware failure. It supports a deployment model that enables you to upgrade your application without downtime.


Before the second and third session, we had a very sumptuous and overly-loaded lunch at the grand ballroom. I forget to take pictures of the venue and the food because we are so hungry at that moment and the sight of the food display make us drooling with hunger. Anyway, there is a buffet table of the main courses of Indian and Arabic cuisine, there’s the dessert buffet of various sweets like cheesecake, crème brulee, fruit salads, and cakes. On the other side, are all kinds of bread and butter. While on the next side are the shredded vegetables and salad dressings.


The grand ballroom is so huge and well-decorated that we thought there’s a wedding to take place. It can contain around 1000 people in the venue alone. The foodies are nicely prepared and taste great. This is the nice thing about open seminar, where the registration is free, food is free, and the new things you learn you get for free plus there are plenty of freebies from the company booth section like the flash disks, handy calendar, organizers, and company mugs. Above all, you meet various people both in the academe and industry.


After lunch, we head back to the auditorium to listen to the speakers on business mobility and enterprise social. In one survey it says that 87% of the employees are NOT ENGAGE to do business in the workplace.  It doesn’t mean that they are not working or doing their job but it simply means that they are not intrinsically motivated to work because of many factors like the bureaucratic hierarchical structure to channel communication, lack of leadership, lack of accountability, and outdated technology.


Today, many users expect to be able to work in any location and have access to all their work resources. Added to that, the explosion of smart devices is eroding the standards-based approach to corporate IT. People are now more empowered and engaged at home than in their workplace because of the existence of social media. The tremendous growth of consumer social is overwhelming that in one day over 350million tweets are posted in Twitter, almost 1 billion users are engaged in facebook, and about 25% international calls are done in Skype.


It is also amazing to understand the evolution of enterprise communication from telephone, emails, instant messaging, voice and video, and now social networking. People have the power to voice out and share ideas across all platforms and on their personal devices. Therefore, for any business to stay competitive, they have to adapt to change and use a connected strategy.


A business should virtually connect with all the information available in mobile computing and collaborate in a social environment and in a cloud platform. The tools and technology are available for them like Yammer, Sharepoint, and Skype.


The talks in the Open Door 2014 are very enriching for me and my wife since we are both into Information Technology. I specialized in Networking Technology while my wife is on Web Development and Programming. Since we are into the academe, we both need to abreast ourselves on fast-paced advancement in IT and not to be left behind. It’s a great head start for us to learn and understand the latest developments in the market and have insights into the future technology.


Whatever we discover and learn in the seminar, we will most likely share this to our fellow workers and students through lectures and discussion.

Thank you for reading!

Jesse – The Blissful Husband and Dad

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