Strawberry Cream Cake for Kristina

A strawberry Cream Cake for Kristina

A strawberry Cream Cake for Kristina

Kristina and Irena are really good friends. They started their friendship when they were both working as English Lecturers in my previous college. Even after they found different jobs in two distant places, their distance never hinders to keep their communication and closeness as genuine friends.

I have already mentioned in this blog about my regular client Irena. Well, she’s a very sweet lady from Poland. I think she is here in Oman before I came. She has been to many colleges and universities around the sultanate. Currently, she is working at the College of Applied Science in Rustaq. Irena loves cakes, cupcakes, and all kinds of sweets in the world. So whenever, she have friends celebrating birthdays or special occasion, she never forget to give sweets as her gesture of thoughtfulness.

the cake has real strawberries on top.

the cake has real strawberries on top.

Meanwhile, Kristina is the former head of the English Language Center. She is a beautiful lady from Armenia. I tell you that she doesn’t have only the looks but a very nice attitude as well. She’s all in one package – beauty, brain, and behavior. No wonder, many adores her and that includes me.

Kristina had her 40th birthday last May 20th. Oh Boy! even when she’s forty she still looks hot and sexy. She never changed. She is still the same lady i used to know who is very warm, bubbly, and inspiring.

heavenly creamy and delicious

heavenly creamy and delicious

I baked the most delicious moist strawberry cream cake for her. It was meant not to be sweet, mild, and creamy so that Kristina’s mom and daughter can eat too.

We delivered the cake at her home. Goodness, she was so happy to see her beautiful cake because I put lots of real strawberries and some white chocolate vermecilli.

a pretty cake for a pretty lady - Kristina

a pretty cake for a pretty lady – Kristina

We chatted for a while updating our own progress and development in life. I was so happy to see her after almost a year.

She said to me that in Armenia, they don’t normally celebrate 40th birthday, so she didn’t bother to host any parties at her home. But i told her, because she is so dear to Irena she still got a pretty cake on her birthday. Then she give me a wink and a beautiful smile.

Well, I am glad another birthday girl is happy on her birthday even without any special party. I am thankful to Irena for her unending cake orders. Truly she is a client that is worth keeping and treasuring.

This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by Happy Baker Delights.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you come back next time.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂

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