Superwoman Cake for Red

Superwoman Cake for Red

Superwoman Cake for Red

Ghelai sent me a message on my whatsapp account because she wanted to place an order for a cake that she will give to her close friend Red. The cake has a logo of Superwoman because that’s how she describe her Ate Red.

The cake is of course made of RED VELVET with a very fluffy and creamy frosting. Cake crumbs coated the entire cake and the cream cheese frosting were piped on the sides of the cake.


a birthday cake for Red

The big “S” that stands for superman or superwoman was molded using gum paste. I added some stars to make the cake a bit like a superhero cake.

Ghelai sent me a feedback that her Ate Red was very happy and thankful that her cake was beautiful. I am glad another client was satisfied with my creation.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights.



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