Thank you Cake for my Driving Teachers

A thank you cake for my driving teachers

A thank you cake for my driving teachers

Hurray! I finally got my driving license! I’m still overjoyed and can’t believe that I can now drive legally in Oman. Yepey! As a token of gratitude, I made this cake for my driving teachers – the couple Mohammed and Salma.

My smile reached from ear to ear after hearing the line “ok, you passed!” from the Police officer who came with me for a road test in that early morning of March 19th

But before having that license, it took me a very long time to achieve my ultimate dream of driving confidently on Muscat highway and visiting to nice places in the Sultanate.


My first teacher was Mr. Mohammed who worked full time at the Military and a part time driving teacher on weekends. I went for driving lesson with him every early morning of Saturdays for three or two hours. But since Mr. Mohammed was just a new teacher and had the difficulty with his English communication, he just referred me to his wife Salma, who was also driving teacher for twenty-four years!

Truly Salma was my angel! She’s a woman of courage and would extracted all of my energy just to let me learn the proper way of driving. Each time I have lesson with her, she always gave me so much inspiration. It’s like keeping me empowered!

March 19 was my day! A very good day indeed! I never expect to pass the road test after the police let me drove around the major roads in Qurum area for 15 minutes.


Before the police came, I was praying intimately inside the car and was singing Praise and Worship songs. Then, I felt very light and my mind was very clear. I also felt the sudden rush of energy running through my veins. When I was driving, I was really comfortable and everything went smooth from getting out of the car park, cruising into small and big roundabouts, and lastly, parking the car back to where I started. Just when I change the gear to P and pulled the hand break up, the police announced the words I’m longing to hear for months- “ok , you’ve passed”. Truly the happiest moment of my life!


Four days later, I went to Royal Oman Police Office to get my driving license. And it’s placed on the card that my driving license is valid for 10years! Whew! That will take me more decades to renew and it’s worth every penny that I have invested.

By the way, this is my driver’s license.


So now, I am quite learning the roads and studying the behavior of Muscat drivers. I’m enjoying the trip from home to work and back – that will take me one and half hour drive!

This is another “cakespiring story” that I really love to share to you.

I’m happy that you came along to this post. Until next time!

Lots of Love,

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Thank you Cake for my Driving Teachers

  1. Dancia

    Hi Riah,

    Your blog is beautiful and definitely oozes happiness and your blissful life onto all of us readers. Keep up the blogging.

    Can you please, with her permission, give me contact details of Salma ? I am desperately in need of a driver’s license here in Oman, and being a lady, I would be comfortable learning driving with one of my kind. Thank you.

    1. riah_e Post author

      Hi Dancia!

      Thank you for the nice comment 🙂 hope you’ll get to visit my blog regularly.

      Anyway, I suggest you have to contact Mr. Mohammed the husband who is my driving teacher also before Salma.. His number is (0968) 9269 9331..while Salma’s number is (0968) 9937 8383..

      Both of them are very good teachers. and good English speakers too.. Good luck to your driving lesson and wishing you to have your license soon!.

      All the best to you!

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