The Al Alam Royal Palace

October 27, 2012 – After visiting Bait Al Zubair Museum, we immediately head off to Al Alam Royal Place that is also easily accessible in Old Muscat. We arrived late in the afternoon which is the best time to go as the sun slowly descends in the horizon and provided a good backdraft while the cool breeze from the sea offered visitors with pleasing ambiance. At night the Palace and surrounding buildings are lit up beautifully.

Al Alam Royal Palace at a distance

The palace with its all elegance and simplicity

Al Alam Palace is a ceremonial place of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, who has been in power since 1970. At a first look, you can distinctively notice the unique architecture that has made me fall in love with its elegance and simplicity. The palace has blue columns to reflect the colors of the sea and sky and golden column to reflect sun shining. I love the mixture of colors and I love to see the palace at sunset and at night.

HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said

The area around the palace is free and open to all visitors but getting inside the palace is prohibited, which is said to be incredibly luxurious. In fact, Al Alam Palace was one of the destinations and was also featured in the Amazing Race season 17 episode 8 when the contenders travel from Russia to Oman. We take a lot of pictures on the ground outside the palace and the garden. The kids, EJ and Andrei, are also having their playtime and goofing with each other. While little Anyah is walking around, waving her hands, and showing her adorable smile to other visitors in the palace.

The kiddos Andrei and EJ

My visitors and family friend from Riyadh KSA – Shaun, Elle, and EJ

my family in the palace garden

There are also forts situated on nearby cliffs, Al Jalali and Al Mirani, which are also well lit and add to the wonders of the place.

At the rear of the palace is a bay where you can find thick breakwaters and other huge forts. We stop for few minutes to take some photos and admire these old-aged structures.

The rear side of the Palace

Thick walls and breakwaters protect the seaside area of the palace

The view of Al Jalali Fort

Another watchtower situated on the furthest end of the mountain

Oman is one of the most visually impressive places I’ve ever seen. In fact, Al Alam palace has a heart-breaking view. Whenever I have guests who will come over to Oman, this majestic place will be surely one of the lists because taking a short trip here is a must.

After a while, we all feel hungry and head to Lulu Hypermarket in Darsait for a quick snack at KFC. Then later, we plan to attend the Saturday mass in St.Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Ruwi.

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