The Cake and the Swan

The Wedding Cake and Love Swan

The Wedding Cake and Love Swan

In any occasion, the presence of a cake makes the celebration even more meaningful especially if it is something that is very special like your wedding day. The wedding cake is the traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner.


On our wedding day dated 3rd of January 2004, our wedding cakes were elegantly displayed on a 3-tier pillar cake stand. It was beautifully made by Rose Cake House and decorated with lovely red roses and green petals creating multiple focal points and drama at the venue. Below the cakes were the wedding souvenirs like the wine glasses, CDs with our favorite songs, and love swans that were personally crafted by Jesse and me.


Ten years after, when we celebrated our wedding anniversary, I proudly made our wedding cake!


Our 10th Wedding Anniversary Cake was a three-tiered red velvet cake with ruffles or frills design of buttercream frosting and adorned with ten red fondant roses, our favorite flower.

Meanwhile, our wedding souvenir came from the Philippines. We asked our good friend Frances to buy Swan Figurines when she went home. Then, the swans were personally decorated to look even more beautiful. We choose the Swan because of its ability to establish strong bond among their mate and its adaptation capacity to successfully survive life.


It’s a wedding tradition that during the wedding banquet, the couple has to slice/cut the cake as symbol of cutting of the covenant.


Jesse and I took pieces of the cake and fed it to each other showing how we have given ourselves to one another and cared for each other as one flesh.


We have done the cutting and feeding of the cake joyfully, but also have done it lovingly and reverently, in a way that we honor our covenant relationship.

Thanks for reading and see you around!

Riah – The Blissful Wife and Mom

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