“Despicable Me” MINION Cupcakes


Minion Cupcakes

Ever since the “Despicable Me” Movies came to fame many people especially kids admired these little yellow creatures in their blue-jumpsuit and googly eyes. They are the MINIONS.

Seriously! How cute are these fellows?


cutest and funniest minion faces

I love the “Despicable Me” Movies. The scenes featuring the minions are equally hilarious and very entertaining for all ages.

These Despicable Me Minions are so popular that they are mostly preferred as one of the favorite themes among kid’s birthday parties. And I have that wish to make these creatures either in cakes or cupcakes one day.

Then my wish finally came true when little XYRELLE, who is so overly-addicted with MINIONS, turned 2 years old last February 15. Her aunt Joy wanted to give her a gift of twelve pieces of red velvet cupcakes with various faces of minions on top.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that fondant icing to mold the cupcake toppers into the cutest and funniest Minion faces.


cupcake minion toppers

I also made a 3D miniature minion that looks like this:


a 3D minion

How cool are they?


Those large moist red velvet cupcakes were frosted with buttercream frosting dyed in lemon yellow color to give much effect to the cupcake minion face toppers.

After Joy saw those cupcakes, she told me that ”they are too cute to be eaten”..Yeah, I agree. Hope I can preserve them as a souvenir or something that can last for weeks.

I’m really enjoying making the MINIONS no matter how long it took me to completely create them all.

Now, my dream is that for my son’s 10th birthday, I’ll gonna make him a birthday cake with two huge 3D minions: one is in yellow and the other one is in purple.

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