The Father I’ve Known

I wrote this poem for Papa on FATHER’S DAY

Papa on his 54th Birthday (photo courtesy of my sister bebe)

Papa on his 54th Birthday (photo courtesy of my sister bebe)THE FATHER I”VE KNOWN

He’s friendly and generous,
People would say.

He has defined traits,
To help him on his way.
He does belong to numerous clubs,
And enjoy doing good deed.
He always give a hand,
To those who are in need.
He has style and fashion,
And always trimmed and neat.
With fancy clothes and classy shoes,
He wears upon his feet.
He’s happy driving his motorcycle,
That usually gives him comfort.
And when he takes vacations,
He just relax or go to some resort.
He loves food and fine cuisine,
Even a simple “Pinaksiw” is a treat.
He has grace and manners,
Whenever it is time to eat.
He’s is a talented man,
He has a voice as well can sing.
He constantly imparts,
A wisdom that means something.
He has a simple and modest house,
But has all that he needs.
He knows what is important,
To his family and friends.
He works long hours at his job,
To make an average pay.
And even if he’s sick or tired,
He goes to work gallantly.
His job is just an office job,
His pay just makes ends meet.
But a few good friends and family,
Make his life complete.
The wealth that God has given him,
To treasure in his life,
A loving son and daughters,
And a very special wife.
He never has much money,
And his life is not a show,
But he is still the richest man,
That I will ever know.
To others he’s an ordinary man,
Fame and fortune he haven’t shown.
But he’s the greatest person.

My papa – the Father I’ve known.


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