The “Frozen” Cupcakes for Areeqa’s 6th Birthday

Frozen Cupcakes for Areeqa's 7th Birthday

Frozen Cupcakes for Areeqa’s 6th Birthday

This is the second time I made cupcakes decorated with characters from the Disney Movie “Frozen”. These 30 cupcakes are ordered by Momi Kathy for her daughter Areeqa on her 6th Birthday. If you can remember, my first attempt of making Frozen Cupcakes was during my daughter Anyah’s 3rd birthday last August. That time the faces of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were not properly drawn and outlined. It prompted me to purchase additional cake decorating tools to come up with a beautiful cupcake topper designs.

The characters from the Frozen Movie

The characters from the Frozen Movie

So when my husband went home to Philippines last summer, I ordered bunch of cake decorating tools from BAKECRAFT. It’s an online shop that is located in Alabang, Muntinlupa in the Philippines. Oh boy! the prices were totally cheaper than the one I bought here in Oman. I simply message them through their facebook account, sent the money through remittance center. After two days my husband received the package and brought it to Oman. FrozenCupcakesAreeqa04 Well, you can see that the cupcake toppers have six designs: snowflakes, Princess anna, Queen Elsa, Olaf, Areeqa’s Name, and number 6. In making the faces, I used edible pens to outline the eyebrows, eyes, lips, and noses. I really had a wonderful time molding the faces trying to make it beautiful. FrozenCupcakesAreeqa05 Since I don’t have a snowflake embosser or cutter, I used an improvised tool – the rose petal cutter. Then, press the round edge to come up with a pointed tip, punch the colored crystal sugar grands and cut lines with a silicone knife. I used Wilton Letter Cutter to cut out the letters of Areeqa’s Name. I also had quilter with heart shape to decorate the fondant. FrozenCupcakesAreeqa03 Kathy told me that her daughter was so happy to see the cupcakes and the cake when she woke up in the morning. In her facebook, she posted that:

Her Elsa cake brought big smiles on her face…..she thought the night before that I forgot her cake as she kept on asking where is her cake & told her that I forgot it coz I was very busy & she started to cry….but she woke up on her birthday and found her Frozen Elsa cake sitting on our dinning table, she couldn’t contain her happiness.

Thank you so much Riah Anyah & Happy Baker Delights for the beautiful cake & cupcakes and for delivering it at 11pm at night. Thank you, thank you! — with Riah Anyah.

This is so sweet momi Kathy, you see, I really wanted my sweet creations to bring so much joy and happiness to everyone especially to little children. Indeed, Areeqa was so proud to show her cake and cupcakes, and doll to her classmates in school where she celebrated her birthday. Her mom posted a photo and mentioned that “very proud of it….she kept on telling her friends “my mommy prepared for me”.

Areeqa on her birthday

Areeqa on her birthday

I am truly happy to hear the news from Kathy. Wait i’ll post later the beautiful Queen Elsa cake too.

This is another “cakespiring story” brought to you by Happy Baker Delights.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂              

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