The Inter-College Basketball League

The opening ceremony of the 1st Seeb Basketball League – Inter-College Competition League kicked off on the 25th of October along with the 5th SBL Tournament. We almost missed the inaugural function at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon but were still able to catch up with parade of teams.

My son Andrei put on his a little bit small and tight jersey uniform holding the team banner while my little Anyah was carried by her Tita Catherine as they walk past the bench. While, me, dressing in a basketball uniform top and jeans paired with rubber shoes, simply watched them from where I am standing and took this picture.

The team and support of ACT Ballers

There was a short program and talks delivered by representatives from the Philippine Embassy.

The whole crowd on the court

The season began with a clash between the Al Musanna College of Technoloy (ACT) Ballers and Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) Nars. The latter build an early lead in the 4 quarter when ACT players made nasty defense and buries treys but a buzzer beater shot made by ACT player Mr. Carigaba set an extra five minutes of the game. However, SQU took the score 6-3 that sent the game to a 51-48 win for the Nars. Although defeated for the first time in the season, ACT Ballers is hopeful and needs team unity to win in upcoming game.

Scores in the 4th Quarter

Basketball is one of my favorite games. Having this kind of competition especially in Oman helps me to connect back home and remember that once my father was a great player in his younger years and I am his little fan.

My Son on his small and a bit tight basketball uniform

Whenever our schedule permits, I surely bring my kids to this kind of event because I want them to feel the same feeling as I have towards their own father. Indeed, we are all becoming daddy’s greatest fans.

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