The “Long Table Dinner” and some Filipino Wedding Traditions


A decade ago, our wedding day took place in our home country and was attended by more than three hundred guests of whom were our friends, workmates, colleagues, relatives, and families.

The family table dinner was held at the three-star Gateway Hotel located in Surigao City, our hometown, at the northeastern part of the Philippines. It was a lovely afternoon wherein the whole venue was adorned with beautiful fresh red roses and a red carpet is placed from the entrance to the stage. Dim lights and sweet love music set the mode into a romantic-dreamy atmosphere. Everyone felt the love and joy in the air.

Just like a typical Filipino Wedding, we also followed a laundry list of traditions and rituals which were, by the way, influenced by other cultures too.


At the venue, we, the newly-weds, were warmly welcomed by our guests with a joyous processional march of the wedding entourage. The formal wedding reception ceremony begun with a prayer and followed by a video presentation of our sweet and beautiful moments together.


One of our wedding sponsors, we call the “ninong” and “ninang”, gave their wisdom and advises on how to achieve a wonderful and fulfilling married life. The best man and maid of honor also shared their personal wishes.


After the sumptuous dinner, Jesse and I had our first dance as the newly-wed couple. Our guests, friends and loved ones who asked to dance with us should pinned their money bill on our clothes as a gift and symbol of good fortune and wealth. The money accumulated became our resource to start our new life together.


It was also part of the wedding ritual to pass on the luck of marriedhood to the next single women and men. This was done with the tossing of the wedding bouquet for ladies and bridal garter for men with the belief that whoever catches it will be the next to marry. It was our friend couple Jeremy and Jackie who got the bouquet and garter. But, sadly, they both married a different partner after ending their three-year relationship.


Before the dinner ended, we opened the smallest and the biggest gift from our guests. And either the groom or the bride had to deliver the speech. But, since Jesse was a bit shy at that time, it was me who expressed our gratefulness to the people who have been with us on that very wonderful moment of our life.


But ten years after, we were so selective with the tradition we wanted to practice in our 10th wedding anniversary. It was very private and exclusive “long table dinner” with our very close and super wonderful friends at the newly opened and fine restaurant, the Al Makan Café located at the penthouse of Muscat Grand Mall.
All of our special guests were required to follow our wedding motifs and be in their “casual and Sunday’s best wears”. The boys were in black, silver, or gray getups while the girls were in plain red or maroon colored dresses.


Each of our guests personally shared their warm thoughts and well-wishes which make our day very memorable and special.

Jesse and I also give our experiences of what we have gone through the years and the wisdom/advices for a happy and fruitful married life.


It was truly another beautiful moment worth to be cherished for a lifetime.

Thanks for reading this post and see you around!

Riah – The Blissful Wife and Mom

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