The Mutrah Corniche at Night

October 27, 2012 – Before attending the Holy Mass in Ruwi, we take a leisurely stroll along Corniche in Mutrah to appreciate the beauty of the boulevard that is well accentuated with colorful vibrant lights at night.

the boulevard

The Al Bahrit Street along the harbor

Mutrah is an old capital’s core district and has grown into a lively trading and residential port area over the years. It is situated north-west coast of Muscat and a favorite destination among locals and tourists because of the beautiful sights and scenes that enchant especially those who visits for the first time. Among the famous landmarks that you can find are the Mutrah Fort, Corniche, Forts, Incense Burner, Parks, Fountains, Fish Markets, and Muscat Harbor. There are also an array of restaurants and cafes that offer affordable drinks and foodies while the Mutrah Souq is a famous shopping destination with many tiny stalls that sell antiques, silverware, textiles, spices, and herbal products.

The bay

The street

another view of the bay when it is not crowded

An very huge incense burner on top of a rocky hill

Another fort

One of the gazebos doting in the promenade

A small fountain

Since it is a holiday, the Corniche, that runs about 3kms along the harbor, is becoming congested with crowd of mostly Indian or Pakistani nationals, predominantly males, walking along Al Bahri Street, gazing at the starry night, or simply having their own sort of relaxation on the prestine gardens. We hop out of the car and scope an empty bench in one of the marble gazebos. Located nearby is the dancing fountain that is well lit up beautifully against a hard brown rock as the backdraft. The kids play around.

At the resting area inside a gazebo

Another beautiful pic at night

But I am a bit anxious with the unknown people around us whom I observe some disturbing gestures (esp. the males) such as hugging each other and holding their hands while others are persistently starring at the kids. With this, I insisted that we get back to the car because I don’t comfortable at the moment. Then, we head off to the church for the Holy Mass.

Behind is the dancing fountain

our family friend from Riyadh KSA

However, Corniche remains an ideal place to visit especially in the late afternoon when the sun is about to descend and pave way to a lovely evening. The entire area is specially enliven by all sorts of entertainment.

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