The view of Ibri City from a mountain top

The view of Ibri City from a mountain top
At Ibri's Mountain Top

At Ibri’s Mountain Top

May 10, 2012– After a long drive from Nizwa, we stop at the famous Mountain Topview in Ibri. This is the highest point in the city accessible by concrete road and is actually the main site for radio communication tower. But because most people come here very often, the local government built a park with shelters and kids playing ground. It is ideal to hold picnic for a day while gazing to the whole view of Ibri below. There are residencial houses and buildings sprouting along the foothills of Hajar Mountains and surrounded by vast dates plantations. At night time, you can see the wonderful lights gleaming within the empty quarters.

The city of Ibri is a historical landmark that host many merchants travelling between regions of the Arabian Peninsula. To this day, the souk is filled with a variety of merchandise including locally produced woven palm goods, dates, vegetables, honey and livestock. The souk is situated near Ibri’s impressive fort. However, due to time constraint, we are not able to explore the fascinating souk and get inside the fort that is known to have a mosque built within its walls. We will come back perhaps during winter months when the climate is ideal for intensive adventure.

behind and below is the beautiful view of Ibri City

behind and below is the beautiful view of Ibri City

We get out of the car and take group snapshots. It is a little bit cold at this time with strong breeze coupled with drizzles. I decided to get back to the car to keep my little Anyah warm and comfortable. We only stay on this place for about 10 minutes then drive to the hypermarket to buy food for dinner.

more wonderful angle of the view below

more wonderful angle of the view below

Yet, we end our a wonderful daytrip with relaxation and comfort that actually lift our boredom away. But this trip has never been possible without the warm accommodation of Moleta family which makes our stay even more enjoyable even for weekend.

Little sleepyhead - mwah!

Little sleepyhead – mwah!

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