Travel Theme: LIQUID

Ailsa of where’s my backpack travel theme photo challenge for this week gives me an opportunity to showcase another wonderful destination in Oman and for the world all over to appreciate the therapeutic qualities that Al Kasfah Spring claim for fame.

The spring is located in Rustaq, Al Batinah Region and has been present for thousands of years. Long time ago, locals used the spring as a water source and to irrigate neighboring Dates plantations. But eventually, they have built a mosque just beside the spring and used the water to wash off their feet and hands before prayer.

The Al Kasfah Spring in Rustaq, Oman

The spring size is about 5 meters in diameter while the circular area is bordered by bronze metal fence to keep someone secured and falling fortuitously off into the hot LIQUID water welling up from the depths of the earth. They say that the water temperature is 45 degrees C, warm enough to cook a raw egg for few minutes.

Bronze metal fence that enclave the whole spring

Small and few bubbles emerge endlessly from the middle and the deeper-darker-bluish part of the spring. Steams also appear at top of the water level.

t 45degree Celcius temperature, this HOT LIQUID can nearly cook a raw egg in few minutes

at 45degree Celcius temperature, this HOT LIQUID can nearly cook a raw egg in few minutes

At one end of the spring, there are cubicles specially catered for visitors who like to bath and experience the healing effect of warm water channeled through a Falaj or water channel. People who have come here regularly have testified that the spring has actually an effective cure for wide range of muscular diseases or even rheumatism.

the mosque beside the spring

And for me, I enjoy the experience of dangling my feet over the water dike and feeling relieve at the moment.

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    1. riah_e Post author

      you are right! with its warm temperature you will be relieved after soaking your feet for few minutes. ive got more things to discover and share about Oman’s hidden and exotic beauty.!

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