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I hail from the tropical country of Philippines, where it is endowed with lush green mountains. But, when we relocated to Oman about five years ago, I was totally surprise with its geographical structure especially the mountains and rock formations.

At far, these mountains appear barren and lifeless but eventually I realized they are the true beauty of Oman and I certainly agree with the good reason that the Ministry of Tourism has chosen the slogan “Beauty Has an Address”.

When traveling by car, I get distracted by the view of these majestic mountains! I can tell to myself that “hey, I am really abroad and these mountains are reminders that I am in the Middle East”.

So to praise these mountains, here the some snapshots during our travels around the Sultanate.

Don’t forget to visit also Ailsa’s website to see other beautiful mountains around the world.

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11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: MOUNTAINS

    1. riah_e Post author

      thank you, Cathy…you see i’m quite inspired to visit other parts of Oman because of your blog..but we haven’t done road trips lately because of the scorching summer heat. maybe will resume during the cooler months. hope to catch you before you leave Oman very soon!

        1. riah_e Post author

          Yay, time flies so fast, Cathy! and I’ve been so focused with all the things i prioritized lately. Well, I would like to invite you to
          one event in Muscat which, my good friend and I, will exhibit our homemade cakes and goodies for one day. There are other
          exciting activities in the venue like fashion show, games, and cultural display. I’ll PM to you the details ok.. hope you can come.

          1. catbirdinoman

            Thanks so much for the invitation to this, Riah. I really hope I can come, but it depends if the plans I made with my friend for next weekend go through. Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet you and try your wonderful cakes! 🙂

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