Travel Theme: SOFT

Ailsa’s travel theme challenge for this week is SOFT. I can associate this word to animals I have encountered during my travels. Their body covering parts of “fur” can truly give me a SOFT feeling.

First, let me introduce to you, Ying Ying and Le Le, the equally eternally cheerful giant pandas and protected creatures found in the Giant Panda Adventure in Ocean Park, Hongkong. These two old bears were given by the China Conservation and Research Center in Wolong in Sichuan province on 1 May 2007.

Ying-ying is having her dinner of freshly cut apples.

Ying-ying is having her dinner of freshly cut apples.

While, Lele is lazily lying down on this wooden rack serve as his bed.

This is a trivia found from Ocean Park website “The dark circles around a panda’s eyes not only make it look cute to humans, but also protects it in the wild. Its circles make the panda look bigger to other animals, which helps keep predators away!”

Then, here is a Red Face Panda that resembles like a fox. Hmmm. I guess the author of Mozilla browser,  Steven Garrity, took his idea from this animal and come up with the logo showing a stylized fox. “Firefox” is considered to be a common name for the Red Panda.

Red Pandas

And lastly, the Ostrich found in the Ostrich Farm, Barka Oman.

An Ostrich with long curly eyelashes

There goes my lovely animal friends..aren’t they look so amazingly beautiful and SOFT?

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