Travel Theme: WALLS

Here are the ancient and historical walls that you can find in one of the best preserved fort in Oman – The Nakhal Fort.

The view of the entire Fort sits perfectly on massive rock.

The view of the entire Fort sits perfectly on massive rock.

The Nakhal Fort is massive castle built during the reign of Imam Said bin Sultan in 1834. The fort got its name from the town itself which means “date palm”. It is considered as one of the most prominent historical monuments in the Sultanate.

The view from one of the fort's tower

The view from one of the fort’s tower

The fort’s architecture is very interesting because it is constructed around irregularly shaped rock, wherein some rocks become part of the fort’s structure. This can be found in some towers and entry ways especially in the western side. At a far distance, the fort impressively rises above the rocky hill at the base of Mount Nakhal surrounded with huge palm orchards and Hajar Mountains that perfectly provide a wonderful backdrop.

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