Weekly Photo Challenge: GREEN

My entry for this week’s photo challenge is all about WADI BANI KHALID where you can see all sorts of GREEN color.

Wadi Bani Khalid has become one of the top tourist destinations in Oman located in Sharqiyah Region. I have been to this place twice, and I am always captivated by its natural beauty and wonders every time I come here to swim and wander around.  Wadi is an Arabic word which means “River”.

The name of the wadi written in a GREEN sign board.

This river is like a hidden oasis surrounded by huge mountains but getting there is an enjoyable ride as the road went up and down. There are many beautiful scenes along the way like the mountains rocks and cliffs of different colors and shapes. As we get closer to the riverbank, the wonderful and spectacular landscape of the oasis came into view.

The river bank

There you can see the gorgeous oasis with turquoise green pools of fresh water in the middle of barren and dry mountains. The water is still clear, refreshing, and very inviting to take a plunge and swim. That same water is also used in the nearby plantation through the falaj or irrigation channels that are common in Oman.

The source of irrigation in the nearby plantation

clear green to blue water pools

A green umbrella-like canopy on top of a huge boulder

The river is surrounded by luscious green Date trees

We explore the place and hike beyond the cliffs and scrambling up the rocky terrain then take a little rest at the top of the cliff. Then, the view of the whole wadi at this perspective was really fantastic and amazing!

The whole view of the Oasis with all the GREEN surroundings

Wadi Bani Khalid is truly a wonderful place to visit.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: GREEN

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    1. riah_e Post author

      Thank you milaiski. the water here is refreshing and clean especially the pools that are at the far end of the mountain but you have to climb stiff rock and huge boulders to get there. A great challenge for adventure seekers.

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