Weekly Photo Challenge: RESOLVED

I don’t normally create New Year’s resolutions each year because I always failed or sometimes things went different along the way. Most of all, I just get frustrated of not achieving the things as I have expected especially for myself. Instead, I outlined plans, projects, and dreams. It sounds very realistic and appears manageable to me. In the same way, I can also include my family and other aspects that I believe can contribute so much in attaining my own goals.

As my response to wordpress weekly photo challenge on RESOLVED, I have five things in my mind that I want to achieve and pursue because it is a way to sustain my passion and in fact the focus of my blog as well.

Baking and Cake Decorating

my little girl's three-tier walt disney cake on her first birthday

my little girl’s three-tier walt disney cake on her first birthday

Even when I was a kid, food is already my fascination. My passion for culinary arts is now even greater when I found the love and enjoyment on discovering ideas and styles from various chefs and experts online. Although I have tried baking cupcakes, cakes, and all sort of pastries but my desire presses me to the next level and that is to try cake decorating. During my daughter’s first birthday, my mom-in-law made her a three-tier Walt Disney Theme Cake that inspired me so much. It is beautiful and taste very delicious. So for her second birthday this coming August, I promise to bake her birthday cake and test my decorating and artistic skill as well.

Homemaking and Mothering

our living room where i welcome our guests to our little love nest.

our living room where i welcome our guests to our little love nest.

Being a working mom of two kids is a demanding job. I am a hands-on mother and no matter how hectic my work schedule is I make to a point to always spend quality time with my family. I also involved my kids in household chores so that they will develop discipline and become responsible individuals later on. Apart from that, I want also love to beautify our home. Homemaking is my lifetime commitment especially in organizing our day-to-day living and managing our domestic concerns. This coming May, we will be relocating to Muscat and for sure we will find a flat with limited and smaller spaces. But that doesn’t bother as long as we can live comfortably and peacefully. So I will use online ideas for home decorating and interior designing. That makes me excited by now.

Design and Sewing

throw pillows that add beauty to the couch

throw pillows that add beauty our living room couch

I also have a taste in fashion and a little bit of talent for designing. So this year, I will buy a table top sewing machine, and start fabricating pillow cases and covers then eventually my little girl’s dresses. Who knows this hobby of mine can bring in little income to the family, right?

Readings and Inspirations

books to read

books to read

I love reading. I can even stay at home for the whole week just reading especially if the story is compelling and something that touch my emotions or some sort of romance and drama. I also like stories that have an amazing twist and stir my imagination and in the end give me a sweet inspiration.

Travel and Photography

my dream camera.

my dream camera.

Traveling is an outlet for me. It is one thing that helps me to get rid from boredom and discover many things that this world has to offer. For this year, I want to travel to the southern part of Oman in Dhofar Region during the summer months which is exactly opposite from the northern part because the place offers cooler climate and greenery sights due to monsoon. Since I am beginning to learn photography, I will buy my own DSLR and capture still images of children, landscape, food, and anything that are inspiring and captivating. Then learn post-processing technique from online resources and from my first-hand mentor, my husband.

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