Weekly Photo Challenge: THANKFUL

I am always thankful for all the things happened in my life each year, may it be beautiful or challenging. Honestly, I breathed prayers of gratitude to God for giving me life each new morning. Above all, I even feel so grateful if one of my heart’s desires is finally granted.

Lately, such a wonderful thing happened because I was able to bring my younger sister to Oman. One good reason of inviting her was to take the chance of getting better employment in medical and health centers. She was working as a nurse for three years back home and was not happy because of the low income she earned aside from a laborious job in the hospital. So, I have tried getting her since January of last year, but all my efforts seemed to no avail. I was then frustrated and hopeless.

Thank God she is finally here!

Until she finally came to Oman this first week of November but her journey was not the easy.

After I came back from Philippines in September, my company told me a new policy was now implemented in the Ministry of Affairs. I immediately apply for her visa but was denied at first. Then again I tried in October and luckily her visa came out just nearly two days before the Eid Al Adha holiday. I booked her ticket at a local travel agency and sent all her documents back home.

On the day of her flight, she was hold at the check in counter because there was a problem with the airline ticket. I communicated with my travel agent at 2:00 o’clock in the morning. We waited for about four hours exchanging messages and calls. I was then worried if she cannot make it on that day. Fortunately, the problem was fixed and she had only 30 minutes to get to the immigration and be onboard. But gladly, with a swoop of positive attitude and enthusiasm, she made it to the airplane. Her trip took her from Manila to Bahrain and then to Oman.

We lost communication when she took the flight to Bahrain because her roaming number activation failed. I tried sending her messages in FB account and twitter but I got no reply. I am praying hope everything was well because as it was her first time to travel abroad all by herself.

Nearly sixteen hours after she left Manila, and together with my friends, we all head off to Muscat International Airport. In the screen panel, I saw her flight details and marked DELAYED. Fifteen minutes after the estimated arrival time, her plane landed. Outside the departure area, we were waiting for more than two hours. My worries started to sink in because normally it will take only an hour and half to have the passport stamped at the immigration and claim the baggage. Lots of things were playing on my mind. What if she lost in Bahrain’s airport? Was she able to take the plane on time? Was she hungry? Was she fine? But then, we can’t do anything but to wait and keep waiting..waiting.. and waiting.

our good friends who also meet her in the airport

Some thirty minutes more, she finally appeared along with a Filipina she happened to meet in Bahrain. She elaborated that she was helping her new found friend to find the company representative to fetch her from the airport. This Filipina was also a nurse and was offered a job in Ministry of Health to be deployed in rural health centers around Oman. We stayed for about three hours in the airport. We were a bit hungry and stopped at a local restaurant for a midnight dinner then all head home.

She will be here for four months and hoping to land a job very soon.  But other than that, I am so THANKFUL for the chance that God has given to her. And this I am also forever grateful!

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