Welcome to the Christian World, Anyah

Anyah was annointed with the Holy Water

Anyah was annointed with the Holy Water

Finally, our dear little Anyah has been baptized and now a member of the Christian community. At two months and 3 weeks, she was warmly love and embraced by everyone and become one of God’s children.

It’s pretty flattering to know that we have good and genuinely nice friends here in Oman who give us support and care especially at times we need advises and ideas. Months before we decided the date of Anyah’s baptism, most of our friends were asking what was our plan on the celebration theme, giveaways, Anyah’s outfit, church ceremony, and reception venue plus a majority have voluntarily presented themselves to become Godparents.Our first priority is to finalize the schedule of the church ceremony. We decided to have it done in Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Ghala because the place is ideally suitable to the number of guests and godparents who will witness the baptismal rite. The church chaplain, Fr. Albert De Silva, was very kind to accommodate our preferred time and date on October 28, 2011 at 11:15 in the morning after the children’s mass. But we were required to attend pre-baptismal course held in Ruwi that was necessary for parents to restore understanding on the importance and sanctity of baptism.

During a dinner date, Tita Rose Legaspi was suggesting to visit the newly opened Grill House Restaurant located in Seeb Area, in front of Muscat International Airport. The place as she described offers an affordable party package with delicious food varied from oriental, Indian, and Filipino cuisine. The venue, with a beautifully decorated triangular pavilion design, is quite huge to accommodate more than a hundred guests. With this, Jesse and I, went and check the restaurant. We were impressed and admired the whole setting and atmosphere. Right then, we made reservation and luckily we got the slot – 12noon after the church ceremony.

with the officiating priest - Fr. Albert De Silva

with the officiating priest – Fr. Albert De Silva

Days before the final affair, we search throughout shopping malls and boutiques for white dress and shoes that Anyah will wear in the event. Good thing, we stumble upon Gap outlet in Muscat City Centre, Seeb and bought a beautiful five-layered cotton-made white dress then paired it with intricately knitted white shoes and white socks.

I was thinking about the giveaways for the guests and godparents. Then, I realized I have these disposable empty formula milk bottles I took from the hospital. I can turn them into a unique and cute baby bottles filled with colorful stuffings and ornamental designs. I bought styrobubble, silver thread, colorful cottons, tiny butterflies, and anyah’s small pictures.

the male godparents

the male godparents

We also went to a bookstore in Al Khuwair to print an A0 size baptismal banner that costs 10 Omani Rials. On the other hand, my friends, Catherine and Gerry, manually and artistically created a huge poster that we hang in the middle of the center stage in the venue.

To complete the overall party theme, I personally asked the godparents to where something white for the church ceremony, and I so they have gladly granted my request.

The female godparents

The female godparents

The celebration went well in the same manner that I have planned and envisioned. Everyone has participated during the program. There was a live band performance by Coffee Soup courtesy of Tito Gerome Legaspi and Mr. Orven Estallila, which added energy and fun to the venue’s ambiance. We were dancing and singing like little children.

It was really a remarkable event that Jesse and I were so thankful.

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