Welcoming 2013 with a simple “Midya Noche”

Here in Oman, we spend the eve of New Year’s at our home located in the small town of Muladdah just about a hundred kilometers outskirt of the city. Our typical way of welcoming the New Year is far more different from what most countries around the world and Philippines did. Instead of magical fireworks, flunking firecrackers, blasting music, bang of silverwares, relentless horning of vehicles, or quivering of coins, all can we can hear is a silent, blank, and peaceful night. But some of us in the neighborhood made an effort to have the traditional “Midya Noche”.



This will be our last new year since we will be relocating to the city middle of the year for my son’s schooling. So, I decided to prepare a simple dinner in our home and invite close friends from the community. My sister and I cooked main eight dishes: creamy mushroom chicken; bake spaghetti; pancit canton; orange fried chicken; beef broccoli; and prawn with hollandaise sauce. Then two desserts: ice box cake and cherry cheesecake.

Around 9 o’clock in the evening, our guests came bringing some goodies and gifts for my children – pink doll house from Mr. Mario; talking duck from My. Rick; kitchen toy set and mango frost cake from Gerry, Melo and Cath. Because we did not have dinner earlier ago, we started to nibble the food on the buffet table while chatting on anything that keep us entertained at the moment.

she is excited to play with her toys

she is excited to play with her toys

We took series of photographs as keepsakes for the festive occasion. We were also watching movies while waiting for the clock to strike 12 midnight.

My kids began to open their gifts and started playing them. They were invigorated and full of energy because I strictly put them to sleep in the early afternoon. I wanted my kids to be wide-awake in welcoming the New Year and making countdown, which is the most exciting part of the night.

Until the counting begun… 10…9…8….7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPPY NEWWW YEARRR!!! We were clapping and shouting. Raising our hands in the air. Greeting each other! And hugging…Yes! We were happy to be alive and embraced the year with hope, faith, and love.

We are excited for the many and new things to happen. But above all, we are so much happy because despite of being distant from our love ones in the Philippines, still, we manage to celebrate the New Year and we have so many reasons to look forward to.
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