Whatever floats your boat

Baking truly makes me happy...

Baking truly makes me happy…

Life can be truly amazing if you have to dig through and figure out the countless things that help you become and able to stand with certainty. Humans that we are, endowed with intelligence to control life and maintain a balance, seems like traveling a road with so many focal points. It’s well worth your time to focus on who you are, what you truly value, and what makes you really happy.

I was more interested on growing and nourishing myself that I’ve got a good grasp from my readings because oftentimes I want to feel certain ways about certain things that discovering my true feelings and acting on them results in nothing but a pleasure-driven life. To put it simply, I want to share to you my insights, and honestly, I pinned them down into my to-do-lists to keep me on the right path of my life.

Visualize your goals and objectives

If you want change, visualize your life goals and objectives. Imagine yourself five years from now. Try to picture out your career and passion that will bring you to financial freedom. Think of some events or hobbies that you want to try and get busy with. Feel the spirit of close relationship among family, relatives, and friends. When you visualize, you trigger your desire. Just like saying “I wish I own a big house”, “I wish I can win a lotto”, or “I want to be free”. Outline your desires and decide to attain them. Having a desire coupled with firm decision creates willpower that makes you unstoppable. Then, you realize, you have perfectly accomplished your ultimate plans. By integrating this manner into system will create a habit resulting to self-discipline and self- determination.

Be aware of your eight areas of existence

To attain absolute life improvement, look into the core of your being and become aware of the eight areas of your existence. Nurture your spiritual growth by maintaining your relationship with God. This can be shown not only on attending holy mass but in manifesting the words of God in your actions and deeds. Be conscious with your health as well as the energy that drives you every day by taking exercise and eating healthy food. Foster relationships with the people around you. Write letters and send thoughtful messages or bake a cake for special occasions (i usually give to my friends on birthdays). Appreciate and help each other. Those relationships are invaluable, and any time spent maintaining them will pay off in surprising ways over time. Flourish your mental growth by educating yourself with books, movies, internet, and news. Discover new knowledge and explore the unending possibilities. Enhance and acquire your skills. Show what you’ve got and be proud of yourself. Enroll in a cooking class or drama class. Aspire for financial independence of how much you are worth. Invest for your future or venture to business. If not, set 10% savings from your salary. As a part of the community, identify your social contributions. You have taken so much from the society but have you given something in return? Donate for charitable institutions or simply participate in community activities like blood donation, cleanliness drive, and social awareness. Lastly, have the leisure and enjoy life! Go for a vacation with your family. After a toxic or exhausting work, chill out with your friends or simply take a walk.

Fear hinders happiness

However, you may tell me, that it’s is easy to say but hard to do. Yes, because you are hindered by your self-limiting beliefs. You might have thought that you are inferior, you don’t look attractive, you are out of budget, and you are scared. That is how fear sinks in. Many who wished have failed because they were afraid to try. They are have plans but could not implement them. Remember it is the beginning that stops most people to take commitment. Most people who are driven by fear oftentimes resulted to disappointment, disaster, dismay, and even death. It is a horrible thinking. Life is so precious that needs to be cherished every morning we wake up and survive the day.

Have a positive outlook

So get out from your comfort zone and act right now! To attain pleasure-driven-goal-oriented life is to become proactive and see things in a different perspective. Learn as much as from mistakes and failures than from victories and successes. Accept the pain you have endured. Own it and learn from it. Observe yourself how you judge. Put yourself in the shoes of others, see what they see, feel what they feel. Stop drowning your own voice from the words of others. Analyze if your judgment will provide any benefit or can be in conflict with your conscience. Influence yourself with opinion. Believe in it and have the conviction to pursue it. Keep in thoughts that anything that is worth doing well is worth doing poorly the first time. So struggle and continue to have patience. Keep on visualizing because what you perceive becomes a reality.

Don’t stop believing..and, as they say, do “whatever floats your boat!”

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  1. itjcs

    100% true… just do whatever floats your boat…and always ask for Guidance from our Almighty God. One of things that makes me happy is… reading somethings inspiring like this article of yours…

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