Wilton’s Method Course 1: Decorating Basics – Lesson 4 (Final Cake Project)

The final project cakes

The final project cakes

Today is the last session of our Wilton’s Method Course 1: Decorating Basics and for our final project we are tasked to decorate a cake with our own design or follow sample designs in our training booklet.
At first, we practice making messages by tracing the sample words found in our stencils.



Then, we make our own message with our own writing stroke.

my own handwriting

my own handwriting

For the final project, I choose the design with violet ribbon roses but I made a little variation by using violet and pink colors – my fave color, actually.

The result is so beautiful, isn’t it?


I have a customer who already order my cake beforehand. and it’s ready for delivery!

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