Wonderful messages on our 12th Wedding Anniversary

Wonderful messages on our 12th Wedding Anniversary

Most people noticed that I am more extrovert and outspoken than my husband. Yes, I accepted that and it is a fact. That’s why you will notice on my social media account I always post photos, videos, and messages to express my thoughts and feelings.

With social media, I broadcast to the whole world my meaningful thoughts to Jesse each time we celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 3rd of January.

Yesterday, I posted this cute photo collage on my facebook account:


my message to Jesse on our 12th Wedding Anniversary

with the text that goes:

(Jan. 3, 2016) Hi Daddy! Your request is here! I made your favorite choco chip banana muffins as my gift on our 12th Wedding Anniversary. I know you have been requesting these for quite sometime but I tend to ignore you because of many cake orders. Honestly, I really learn to bake because I want to make cakes just like your mama. They say, marry a woman that has qualities like your mother. Well, I think I got that qualifications now! Hahaha… Anyway, I’m always and forever grateful for marrying me and giving me beautiful children. Although our marriage is not perfect but it is truly wonderful. Looking forward to more blissful years with you my LOVE! Happy 12th to both of us.

At the time of this writing, the post got 255 Likes and received 55 comments.

On my timeline, some of our thoughtful friends posted their warm greetings with photo message, here’s one from my best friend Frances:

from Frances

Frances attended our “Renewal of Vows” during our 10th Wedding Anniversary in 2014.

And her message states:

Happy 12th anniversary to one of my fave couples!!! D na ko mag speech kay basin makadaug ko ug Ms. U. Basta, know that sa tanan tanan, u have me—forever. And, praying for more anniversaries to come. God bless u and the family!

(Maid of honor japun ko ha pagka 25th ninyo) smile emoticon

Another post is from Rodrigo who is one of our good friends in Oman since 2008.

greetings of love

I love the content of this message. It’s very personal with JESSE and RIAH initials describe into beautiful meanings.

Thank you so much my dear friends, families, and loved ones for always being there for me and Jesse all these years. Our marriage survives because of your enduring love and care. May the Lord bless each of hearts and keep us safe always.


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